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About us

imw institute

IMW Institut was established in April 2019 as a limited liability company for research and development activities. The Institute’s primary activity is research and development in the field of technical and technological sciences. The Institute provides testing services for metals and welds.


  • Establishment of a scientific research institution in the field of materials, welding and related metal joining processes


  • Providing high quality of testing services
  • Creating an environment suitable for creativity, innovation and teamwork 
  • Promoting science and education

Core values:

  • Academic integrity and liability
  • Respect and tolerance for the views of each individual
  • A spirit of inquiry, rationality and enterprise


  • The Institute is located in MIND Park in Lužnice, one of the most important industrial centers in Serbia. MIND Park dedicates over 150hA to the development of world-class facilities for industrial and innovation purposes.
  • The institute is surrounded by AMM Manufacturing and Siemens Mobility factories that are among the leaders in the rail vehicle industry throughout the region.
  • +381 66 647 34 55
  • Aleja Milanović bb, Lužnice, 34325 Lužnice