IMW Institut

chemical laboratory

The chemical laboratory is set up with modern equipment for determining the chemical composition of metals by the OES method, as well as devices that allow the chemical and electrochemical preparation of samples.

Chemical laboratory

Determination of chemical composition of metals by oes method (spectrolab)

  • The latest generation device for quantitative chemical analysis of metal samples is installed at the IMW Institute. It’s a SpectroLab device, one of the most modern in the world.
  • An optical emission spectrometer is used for the quantitative chemical analysis of metallic alloys from a solid sample. The test technique is comparative, the instrument is factory-calibrated with certified reference materials and this data is stored in the instrument’s memory.
  • According to the characteristic radiation wavelengths that are detected, the instrument determines the type of elements and according to their intensity, the amount of content, comparing them with the known intensities of the characteristic radiation

Chemical laboratory

electrolytic polishing (struers lectropol-5)

  • Electrolytic polishing and etching equipment is installed within the chemical laboratory.
  • It is of great use in the quality preparation of aluminum specimens, where an additional layer of oxide is applied for further metallographic testing to determine grain boundaries.
  • The device uses 0-100V / 6A when polishing, 0-25V / 6A for etching and 0-15V / 1.5A for external etching.