IMW Institut

technical - technological preparation

Technological preparation

  • Processing and reviewing requests
  • Work orders
  • Modeling and CAD preparation of samples according to standards

Technical preparation

  • Specimen production for mechanical testing
  • Precise specimen cutting
  • Sample preparation for optical emission spectrometer
  • Sample preparation for metallographic testing

Technical – technological preparation


  • An automatic machine is used for polishing and grinding, which can prepare 6 samples at the same time with previously set parameters (compressive force, base rpm, head rpm and more)
  • The highest quality consumables (sanders, pastes, fabrics …) are used for sample preparation.

Technical – technological preparation

precision specimen cutting

  • Specimen cutting is an essential part of the process before polishing and grinding.
  • The automatic cutting machine delivers 200 to 5000 rpm cutting with accuracy of 0.0001 mm along the X axis and 0.1 mm along the Y axis.
  • Different grips allow cutting of circular cross-sections up to 71 mm, but also other shapes of different dimensions.
  • Cutting with the addition of abrasives allows the reduction of specimen surface deformation during cutting.

Technical – technological preparation

Smecimen mounting

  • Mounted specimens can have a significant impact on the results of the grinding and polishing process. Inconsistent molding or poor edge retention can adversely affect the process and lead to additional processing time but also additional deformation that may affect further testing.
  • For this reason, we have equipped the laboratory with a state-of-the-art specimen mounting system, which enables a  secure preparation of samples for polishing, grinding and the process of metallographic testing.